The opening of Potentialet and Koldings new Communityfridge

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Just in the middle of Kolding lies Riberdyb10. The house, which also goes by the name R10, is in the middle of a glow-up from addiction-center into an important part in the developing of the new urban space of Kolding: Kolding Å. Riberdyb10 constitutes both the laboratory of ideas, the creative playground and the social meeting-point of contributors. In short, R10 is a red house filled with Potential, spirits and a very special Community in the backyard.

Since last December, there has been a rising amount of activity in Riberdyb10. There’s a more or less constant innovational process going on in the soulful house, which is in fact so full of soul that people are currently discussing doing an expulsion of the spirits, who allegedly live under the roof. However, they aren’t that bad, so time has also been spent on other experiments. For that is, whats mainly going on in R10: experiments. In fact, the house is even an experiment itself. This doesn’t mean that the projects of Riberdyb isn’t serious – they just have the room for growing and developing, incorporating what ever might happen. Christina René Jensen, who’s the consulent of art at R10, describes how the experiments are “without a finished recipe, creating the possibility of adding in the taste of diversity through communication and cocreation”.

Thus, two new experiments are presented and started by the 10th of June: FællesSkabet and Potentialet. The opening is celebrated by a grand event, with talks, music, art and much more. But first of all, its about the two newest creations from the spirited house by the river.

In front of Riberdyb10, Food:Reformers has spent the last couple of weeks building a platform. On the platform, two fridges are placed, creating the outline of Koldings very first community fridge; this being the fourth in Denmark at all. After its opening, the fridge – and everything that’s inside – will be freely available at all times, giving the people of Kolding a possibility of sharing leftover food.

FÆLLESSKABET (Free Fridge Kolding)

The aim of the Community Fridge is, according to Iben Østergaard Fog from Food:Reformers, to “distribute food to people, who elsehow wouldn’t have the access; people, who are interested in the green agenda; or simply people, who got hungry on their way from A to B.” Furthermore, it is a dream to establish a physical room that’ll be a “social platform for people from different communities to meet”. In this manner, both social isolation and food waste is tackled, in the same smart snap. Sandu Diana, another volunteer at Food:Reformers, also points how FællesSkabet is a “physical manifestation of the food waste problem which we [Food:Reformers] are trying to address and tackle one delicious food item at a time”. However, as Iben Fog notes, its more of a “here-and-now reaction on the problem with food waste”, than it is the final solution.

If you don’t know them, Food:Reformers is a voluntarily driven NGO, whose focus is on creating awareness of the enormous problem of food-wasting in Denmark. They raise this awareness through events, education and projects such as the new Community fridge that’s created in collaboration with Riberdyb10 and supported by several other stakeholders, such as Kolding Madhjælp, Easy Food, Super Brugsen and Bygning 5.

As the Community Fridge is voluntarily driven, you are vey welcome to join in; this can be done through either FællesSkabets Facebook– or Instagramprofile. Alternately you can simply drop by and start chewing your way through the surplus.

POTENTIALET (The new R10 gallery)

While you’re at it, snacking a carrot, take a step inside and experience the second experiment: Potentialet, Riberdyb10’s new gallery. A showroom for the “contemporary temporary”, by the words of Christina René Jensen. The works displaying are manifestations of momentary ideas, and throughout June, a new experiment will display every Tuesday.

This organic way of structuring the gallery is, according to Christina René, a “tool for materializing the strategies and ideas of the new urban space around Riberdyb10, called Kolding Å”. She describes how Kolding Å could become a space that unites generations and creates possibilities. A space undergoing constant, natural, changes, coming from the users of the space themselves. This is the essential idea about Potentialet: the showroom and its experiments can “start the conversations about Kolding Å, and what kind of space it should be”. Conversations that, just like the actual experiments, could evolve around anything in the world.

Apart from this, there’s another marvelous potential with Potentialet: later in June, works of students from the Designschool, will intake the walls. In that way, Potentialet hopefully becomes a space for people, who don’t have the contacts (or money, or name) to end up at Trapholt. This is an important cultural development for Kolding, and for the great amount of people doing amazing art that gets overlooked. Potentialet is a much-needed possibility for creating a creative space, exhibit the things that Trapholt, Nicolai or others forget.

Simon Fiil, En fabrik som laver ting, 2019
Foto: David Stjernholm

For the opening though, the exhibiting artists are “outsiders”, yet great ones. The works all focus on sustainability, to braid the opening of Potentialet together with the opening of FællesSkabet. However, the sustainability takes many forms, spending from outdoor installations by Rosamunde Dora Brüsh and Simon Fiil, to indoor works by Trine Struwe Hansen and Alex Burendal.

At the opening event the 10th moreover composer Stine Benjaminsen and performance artist Emil Keller Schousen will perform. And there’s in fact even more to get down for: FællesSkabet has invited Irene di Lauro, a co-creater of the Community Fridge in Copenhagen, and food waste campaigner Matt Homwood, who’ll both do a talk. And, as you can easily get hungry after such great post-corona activities, there’ll also be a community-dinner with surplus food.

You can find information and program for the event here.

In short, theres a lot of cool stuff happening at Riberdyb10. A lot of people, doing their best to make the new urban space a great one – and if you want to participate, it takes nothing more than just showing up. For example this Thursday, when Potentialet and FællesSkabet opens up. See you!