Stories from the province #1

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Stories from the province, is a series of articles with anecdotes about the days and hours where there wasn’t anything else to do in Slicetown and the surrounding area. A collection of ideas, doings and stories created by the boredom that sometimes arises in the province. 

1 We strapped each other to an ATV and drove through mud. 

2 I was at Knuds, a Tuesday night, and I was having a few beers with one of my friends. A guy comes up to us and sits down at our table, we talk for a bit, he buys us drinks and we are having a good time. Suddenly he leaves Knuds Garage, but after a few minutes, he comes back with his phone in hand and he goes up to our table once again. He lowers his phone and asks us: “Hey, quick question, I just ordered a hooker, do you wanna join?” We sit in shock and both of us are trying to stutter out an answer. “No thanks” I think we ended up telling him. Then he left. 

3 It was too late at night to buy cigarettes and I really needed a smoke and I was so bored, so I ended up picking up old cigarette butts and smoking the rest of them. 

4 In January 2018, my brother and I were sitting at Knuds on a quiet and boring Saturday night. We were playing chess, drinking sodas and bored our asses off. We decided to go to the AL passage to the winebar there and the other “fancy places”. It was too expensive for us, so we hopped in my car and drove out to Hotel Kolding Fjord to smoke. When we arrived at the hotel, a big banner hung in front of the main entrance with the words “New Year’s reception 2018” and 4 airline companies were listed. We decided that we would sneak in to the party and since no one were suspicious of us, we grabbed plenty of drinks, hotdogs and spent a lot of time on the dancefloor. We mingled with the official guests and along the way, we came up with personas so we wouldn’t seem suspicious.

5 We were drunk and wanted a slice to end the night, before going home. At the pizzeria, they had a green chair that both of us, being completely drunk, thought looked nice. We stole it and, in a cab, we brought it to our home in the outskirts of Kolding. We still have it.

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