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Slicetown Plantguide!

Spring is here, nature is getting greener, flowers are blooming and you can feel it in the air. Now is the time when your apartment will get extra depressing to look at if you don’t fill it with nice plants! Plants are in! Just check Instagram; they’re fucking trendy. They are easy to use for decorations, they clean the air in your home and you can get them in all sizes!

Before you come to a deadlock with the idea that you kill everything and that you can’t even take care of a cactus, stop; just stop. You can get plants that will survive no matter how incompetent you are with a watering can. All it takes is a small amount of knowledge about what the plants you buy like and dislike. You can compare it to checking up on what a new phone can do before you buy it, or how you watch the trailer for a movie, before going to watch it.

Here, in the first edition of our guide, we’ll show you the best places to get your plants!

Jensen Blomster

Jensen Blomster is located in an old car repair shop on Lærkevej, right next to Burger King and Lidl, which in itself is a bit atypical. You enter a large room, filled to the brim with plants: large plants, small plants, cut plants, indoor- and outdoor plants. They’ve got everything.
For the same reasons, this is one of the places i always visit. Their selection changes, depending on what they find and therefore, you never really know what they’ll have. But, there are two things you can always count on them having: a big smile and a hell of a lot outdoor plants!
You can easily spend a lot of time, digging through the large number of plants, but as they’re arranged pretty manageable, you can always just ask the employees; they know what they’re doing it!


  • Great selection – especially outdoor plants!
  • Reasonable prices
  • Nice employees and a cozy atmosphere


  • A bit messy
  • Varying quality of plants
  • No pots



Bauhaus is a real box-store; giant rooms, placed a good distance from centrum, and has everything: fx. a seriously large plant section where you definitely can find some good things, It’s nice, easily manageable and has a wide selection. The plants are in the low price range until you move to the bigger plants, where they rise a lot – they’re not overly expensive, buuuuuut the prices are definitely not cheap anymore.
Their small and medium plants are super fine; they’re in good shape and I’m sure that you can get some really nice plants that will grow just fine. Unfortunately, we found some spinning mites in some of their plants and you really don’t want those in your home – so you have to be aware of that.
Their outdoorsection seemed a bit limp and generally, their plantsection didn’t really have a wow-effect, to give you a lot of good ideas and the urge to buy everything.
But Bauhaus has a huge plastic plant section, which I had a bit of fun with and of course, they’ve got a sea of nice pots that don’t cost a fortune.


  • Nice small and medium plants
  • Good prices
  • Easily manageable
  • Great selection!


  • Spidermites!
  • Limp outdoorsection


BilligBlomst (CheapFlower) is a pretty weird store. They’ve got giant halls, a real clearance sale-vibe; and you can buy everything from razors to fruit trees. They even have a fruit and veg section, so you can grab a bag of limes on the way. Pretty weird.

 However, this means that they’ve got everything (seriously everything) that you need for your plants; from giant pots and special dirt to clay balls and moss stems. They have everything and it’s cheap!
Their selection of indoor plants is pretty standard. It doesn’t contain a huge amount of plants, but they’ve got the classic ones that most people are searching for. So this isn’t the place to look for those special Philodendrons – but that isn’t the reason that you visit BilligBlomst anyway. All the plants are cheap, both big and smål, buuut we found spidermites in some of the indoor plants – so they weren’t all exactly lively; they were looking kind of limp.

On the other hand, their outdoor plants were in great shape; huge selection and great prices. It was manageable and it really made you want to hunt, because everything looked great!


  • Cheap!
  • Nice outdoor plants
  • You can get all kinds of accessories


  • Spidermites!
  • Limp indoor plants
  • A kinda boring indoorselection

Den Grønne Stue & Kolding Plantecenter

 Grøn Stue (Green Living Room) is a small and cozy place with nice plants, both small and slightly bigger ones. The small store is easily manageable, but the selections is pretty limited: however, they do have the nice, classic plants that most people are searching for. Grøn Stue is what I would call a classic “hostess-gift” shop: Here, you can enter, choose a plant, choose a pot and leave with a finished “product”. You can also order a pretty bouquet, buy some wine or chocolate; so a nice gift is easily attainable.
The plants here are a bit expensive; it’s not extreme, but the price range has been raised a bit. In return, there are no half-dead plants on the shelves; they’re all beautiful!

 If you cross to the other side of the parking lot, you’ll find Kolding Plantecenter, and this is a completely classic garden centre. They’ve got a lot of great things for your yard, whether it’s fruit trees or ferns that you’re looking for. The nice man in the store was prepared with lots of good advice and he was great at pointing out what the different plants could contribute to a garden.


  • Nice store with lots of help
  • Plenty of outdoor plants
  • Nice plants in all of the store


  • Kind of expensive
  • Limited selection of indoor plants

JH Engros

Before I start praising JH Engros, it’s important to know that it’s a wholesale company – this means that you have to have a VAT number if you want to purchase anything from them.

 Now that that’s out of the way, it’s difficult to say anything negative about the place. They have a giant selection of all plants, all sizes and all types: no matter if you’re hunting for a 4 meter tall tropical plant or you just want a small cactus – they’ve got everything!

 The people working there are amazing, the vibe of the store is great and you can always expect great help and guidance.

 One thing that might be worth noting, is the fact that you have to buy a whole box of small plants at a time – but once again, it’s wholesale, so this is totally fair (+ having extra plants is a good thing)


  • Giant selection
  • Amazingly beautiful plants
  • Great service


  • No sale for privates

Kolding Blomsterhus

Kolding Blomsterhus (Kolding Flowerhouse) is right in the centre of the city – it’s without a doubt the most central plantstore, which in itself is a great sales strategy. Because, if you live relatively close to the centre and you don’t have a car, it’s much more easy to just visit the walking street.

  The shop is nice and manageable, the plants are in good shape and are lined up so they almost resemble an exhibition – this makes finding plants, that fits both your home and each other, super easy. They’ve got plants in all sizes, but they’re clearly focusing on small and medium plants – both the classic ceriman plants, nice small green plants and loads of different cacti and succulents. They also have a few large plants, but the selection of those is very limited.

 The prices are pretty steep, there’s no way around that; but you definitely get your money’s worth. The shop is filled with inspiration and a lot of different pots – you really get a lot of different opportunities. You also have package option, where you can choose a plant and a pot; and then the store plants it for you. What a luxury!

 You do, however, have to watch out for spidermites, because we did find a few in some of the bigger plants – so watch out.

 The service in the store shifts a bit – you don’t always feel completely welcome in this big store when it’s completely silent. If you need help with something, you have to actively reach out for a an employee – but if you do that, you’ll get expert guidance. Nevertheless, a visit to the store can kind of feel like self-service.


  • Nice small and medium plants
  • Big selection of different kinds of plants
  • Super centrally located


  • Spidermites
  • A bit expensive
  • Not particularly welcoming


Next part of our plantguide is going to be about some specific plants and what they like and dislike!

See ya!