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Lavet af Sanne Dewas

“Do you wanna roe with a svades at The Garage?”. Does this sentence make no sense to you either, then keep on reading. I’ve been on an adventure in the slang-universe of Kolding, and here is what I found. 

6K Another way of saying Kolding, derived from Kolding’s postal code, 6000. 

ANLÆGGET (The Facility) is the term for the place ‘Stejlbjerganlægget’ (a park in kolding, and instead of saying the very long word, it’s simply called the facility. 

BOWLERN is the term for the skating rink at Klostergården, which also has acquired the real and very municipal name ‘Klosterparken’. 

BOX PÅ TRÆF (Box at rally) at Döner Treff (Jernbanegade 17) you can buy boxes with french fries, salad, kabob and dressing. This is the box which is referenced to. 

PS It will cost you about 40 kr, and it’s especially delicious when you’re on your way home from a night out on the town. 

GARAGEN (The Garage) is a shortened way of saying ‘Knuds Garage’. Also see ‘Knuds’.  

JERNET / JERNERN (The Iron) is a reference to the bar ‘Jernbanecaféen’, which is located at Jernbanegade 30. 

PS Always buy a pitcher! 

KEDDEFELD just like how Kolding is called Slicetown, Christiansfeld is called Keddefeld. In southern Jutland, Kedde is a nickname for people with the name Christian. If you go full southern Jutland, you can call Christiansfeld Æ’ feld. 

KNUDS shortened way of saying ‘Knuds Garage’, which is a “culturecafé”, located at Munkegade 5. 

KOLDINGER / KOLDINGENSER when referencing a person who lives in Kolding, you have two options. Koldinger is a person who was born and raised in Kolding and still lives here, Koldingenser is when you have moved to Kolding later in life. 

KOLLYWOOD another word for the city Kolding, a pet child has many names.

KONGEN AF KOLDING (The King of Kolding) nickname for Stig Rossen.

PIFT is another word for spicy. For example, if you got a bit too much chili-garlic on your slice, you could say: “Shit that slice is pift”.

PITTEN another word for the concert venue and nightclub, Pitstop, located at Jernbanegade 54 (Can also be pronounced ‘Pætten’)

ROGNI 1. An adjective, used about people who are lazy/fat. So instead of saying “You’re a bit lazy”, you would say “You’re a bit rogni”.
2. You can also use it as a verb, for example “You are rogning pretty much right now”. (The word originates from Bjert) 

SLICETOWN hopefully you know this one, but in case you’ve been raised wrong, Slicetown is Kolding’s most important nickname. Kolding has gotten the name Slicetown, because the city has extremely many pizzerias, and in good Jutlandic style, you get your money’s worth when you buy a slice. The name was invented by the skaters of Kolding back in the early 90’s and continued by the graffiti group ‘Slicetown Boys’.

SLOTTET (The castle) is a nickname for Koldinghus, and if you haven’t seen it yet, you’re probably blind. 

SVADES el. SOADES another way of saying soda. (The word originates from Bjert)

TARTELETFABRIKKEN (The tartlet factory) another word for Comwell/Kolding theatre, and funnily enough also a place where you they eat a lot of tartlets (well-known Danish dish) 

TORDEN (Thunder) is a abbreviation of the nightclub Tordenskiold, located at Akseltorv 2b. The disco Tordenskiold is also the oldest nightclub in Denmark with the same name and placement, established in 1973. (Can also be pronounced Tården, depending on how Jutlandic you feel). 

ÅEN (The Stream) slang for the part of The Kolding Stream, which lies between Sinnerup and Restaurant Over Aaen, where you can sit. It is an especially nice play to sit in the summer. 

ØBBES is a person who does something stupid or is an idiot. Rumours say that the word originates from a discussion at