Silhoutte, Dark rock at its finetst

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The practice room and Råværket is completely newly-built; but already cables are lying everywhere, tobacco on the table and a stack of empty cola bottles in the corner. It seems like a classic practice room for a rock band, although without the stench of old pizza – but as already mentioned, it’s a new place.

The room is decorated with a surprising amount of colored lights, weird posters on the walls and, most special, a giant illuminated sign with the band Sedated Angels’ logo, which covers the entire back wall!

The posters are also a bit special; they show illustrations of how a nuclear bomb works and something else which I absolutely can’t distinguish – although it does look a bit radioactive.  

In sharp contrast with the rock-look, there is a tray of carrots, grapes and other “healthy” snacks. I wasn’t exactly expecting to see this, when I was going to visit them with my camera – but it paints a picture of a band who works seriously in the time they meet up for practice. A band who is serious about music.

The band, with the name Silhouette, has by now played together for 5 years; although in different editions with different crew. It has created a lot of exciting tracks, over 100 koncerts and a tour around eastern europe!

The genre they play, they call Dark-rock. It is definitely not a set definition, but if I have to describe it, it sounds like if Pink Floyd played with Black Sabbath in a foggy area, while the sun sets. If that puts a sound in your head, then congratulations!

All of you who have no idea what I’m talking about; I will now elaborate. 

I had a talk with the lead singer, Tobias, about what they actually play, and he confirmed that we’re talking about something which in no way is locked down in one specific genre:   “It’s about the mood, the atmosphere in the music” he says; and when you hear their music, it makes surprisingly good sense! All of the sound is very retro (I’ve been told that they’ve also been called retro-rock) and I can easily imagine a few long haired guys in leather clothing, listening to Silhouette on tape. Maybe even while they share some illegal tobacco? – but that’s just my fantasy. 

The trip to the East

Back in 2016 the band went on tour in eastern Europe. 10 days in Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic; expectations were high!

But everything didn’t go according to plab, because the booker who had organised the tour, had some other priorities; he had been able to book Red Hot Chili Peppers to play somewhere in the Czech Republic, which meant that the two Danish bands got downgraded.

Several time, the venues didn’t even know that the band was coming – at other places the arrangements weren’t entirely in place. Tobias told me that there was so many breaches of contract that they, several times, considered ditching it all and return to Denmark; but since Silhouette consists of professional musicians, they finished what they had started. And even though everything wasn’t working at optimum, they still ended up with a bunch of cool experiences; for example a band member who was found asleep on the sofa of the reception at one of the hotels. I don’t know why he wanted to sleep there, but you could dare to think that alcohol might have been involved.

The history of Aileen

Back in 2018 I helped create the music video for the song ‘Aileen’. Making music videos is always fun, but this time round, it was different. 

The band had not only made sure that there was a storyboard and a general story about the track; they had also gotten hold of actors, locations, a motorbike and the craziest costumes I’ve seen in a long time. 

The song is about a polish prostitute who killed her customers on a large scale; but she specifically focused on one customer who fell in love with – or atleast was extremely fascinated by – her. Spoiler; it doesn’t end well. 

So we have a relatively niche-driven rock band, with a song about a polish, prostituted mass murderer – and still, they had assembled a whole crew to create this video. A whole crew who, for several days, voluntarily helped when scenes were shot at lay-bys, photo studios, side streets and even a very early morning shoot at a pub!

The video is available right next to here; 

Future plans

When it comes to bands right on the edge of a breakthrough in their respective genre, I’m always excited to hear what they’re planning for the future. That’s also the case in this instance!

In the very near future they’re doing a show in the neighboring city, Fredericia, on April 6, with the band ‘Demon Head’. 

A bit further into the future, they’re working on a new sound, new album and all classical; but definitely not without a price. Sillhouette is not a band who compromises with their work; and that also means that their publications is not just about the music. It’s the whole impression of the record that matters. 

Finally, I’ve been told to pass on a message; buy their records, but of course you can just find them on Spotify, if you’re feeling a bit more modern.