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The most important day in the record industry is just around the corner!
Look forward to April 13 where ‘Record Store Day’ is launched. Record Store Day has been created to pay tribute to vinyls and stores all around the world takes part in the festivities – here in Kolding, we do the same.

Record Store Day is an international day, where record collectors and stores all over the world, get together to praise records. The tradition started 12 years ago where the record industry was close to going extinct and to ensure more customers in the stores, a line of record stores and artists established the day in cooperation. Today, the tradition lives on and Record Store Day is the ultimate salesday for record stores all over the world.
And it works, or so says Christian Winther (owner of Jungle Records i Kolding), who at the same time emphasizes the importance of the physical contact between the costumer, the salesperson and of course the records.

On this day a long row of limited edition special releases, that you can’t find anywhere else, are published, for example: coloured vinyl, picture disc, live recordings, cut vinyl and anniversary releases. None of the releases can be found online, so the customers are forced to go to the stores, which is a good thing. At Jungle Records, the golden Record Store Day rules are of course complied with: the records are only sold in an utmost limited amount and the first come, first served policy applies.

The doors open at 08 and there have been ordered releases have been ordered for every taste.
A lot of people get up early and stand in line, and for those people, there have been created a lot of queue-offers from the shelves, which can’t be found anywhere else. The day is most of all for the sake of the hardcore collectors who seek completely unique releases – but also for those who wish to start a unheard-of collection or maybe just want a record or two.

Are you not sure whether the record you’re dreaming about will be released on Record Store Day, then despair no more – the list of releases has been published on Record Store Day’s homepage and if we’re lucky, Christian will reveal which releases are waiting in the store, a few days before.

Jungle Records is Slicetown’s own record store. The store has been located in Kolding for the last 5 years and adds a boost to the music scene. Christian has on several occasions spun records at Jazzhouse events and is always ready at the store to give out some good music recommendations.
To Jungle Records, Record Store Day beats any other day of the year. Even the christmas sale is outdone by this and therefore, with good reason, Christian is looking forward to seeing all of Southern Jutland’s loyal record lovers in the store on april 13 at 08 – 16, where they can expect heaps of special offers and unique special edition releases.

On the other hand, if you aren’t looking for a special release, but rather the ancient gold, you have to go to Råværket where there is held a Record exhibition.

At the record exhibition salesmen and collectors from all of Denmark get together. In the stands you find old records by the metre and it’s not until you are really digging through the piles that the golden records show up. “And that’s the charm of it” Rune Lorentsen, who arranged the exhibition, points out, “You can be lucky enough to find things that you’ve never seen before”.
5 – 10 years ago, finding records in the Danish music stores was nearly impossible; but today the tables have turned and it’s almost impossible to find CD’s in the stores. Having your records and a record player around in your home is in; some are lucky and have saved the collection they’ve had for many years while others use their parents’ old records.
Rune, as one of few people, never embraced CD’s. At home, he has around 600 to 700 record (plus the 25 boxes in his basement), which altogether makes for a dynamic growing collection. Råværket’s record exhibition is for everyone interested in the old records; whether you are a salesman, collector or new in the culture, you’re welcome – and there is something for every taste.
Råværket is open from 10 – 14 with free entry.

So what do you do in Kolding if you want to experience as much of Record Store Day as possibly? As an answer, we at have created a


Already at this time, the hardcore collectors gather in front of Jungle Records, Søndergade 15A, 6000 Kolding. Bring along hot coffee and warm clothes, and get talking to the other collectors; you are allotted a queue-number, so no confusion will occur.

Jungle Records opens. Get your hands on all the unique releases you had looked forward to; perhaps you can make use of the special queue-offers.

Råværket’s record exhibition opens. Go there and browse around the rows of old records; at the same time you can talk to collectors and salesmen who always have some fun record-stories up their sleeves.

The record exhibition closes and the obvious thing to do would be to go back to Jungle Records where the day is nowhere near done yet. Maybe the crowd of people has lessened so you get the chance to look through the rows once again.

Jungle Records closes.

You can read more about Record Store Day here:

You can find information about the event at Jungle Record’s here:
Record Store Day 2019 – Jungle Records
Jungle Records is from 8-16 and can be found at Søndergade 15A, 6000 Kolding.

The record exhibition at Råværket takes place at Esbjergvej 108, 6000 Kolding, on april 13 at 10-14.
Free entry. Free parking.