Hunting the old trains!

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On the hunt for the old washboards


Late hour of the night, moist forest floor, old trains. I went on a trip with a bunch of graffiti artists, who wanted to write their names – and of course I brought my camera!

It’s not even that late at night when I’m picked up, it’s a starry night and it’s not particularly nice to be outside, because of the cold, but it’s dry.. Important detail! 0 minutes later, I’m in a way too cramped car with a bunch of painters who are going on a mission.

“What will you do with the card if guards come?”

“If anything happens, don’t panic. Just stay calm and we’ll find a solution.”

“How tight is your underwear?”

To be honest, the last question surprised me; but the first two are completely standard before going on a trip like this – especially if you don’t know the whole team.

It’s been done before, everyone just wants to be on the safe side so none of us create trouble for the others. We are sitting ridiculously close in the small car, but the mood is good. When vi start getting close to the spot “Livin’ On A Prayer” starts in the radio and the mood rises a bit. When it’s followed by “Murder On The Dancefloor”  there’s no doubt that this will be a great trip!

We get close to the spot, where two guys exit the car and jumps straight into some bushes. The reason was an approaching car, otherwise they probably would’ve been more calm. The rest of us drive around in the area to pass the time. A little later, we pick up the two others;  

“It’s good down there”..

We park the car a good distance from the spot and go for a walk in the cold. We get close, this time on foot. Two of the guys go on ahead to check out our opportunities. The rest of us hang out in some bushes. It’s pretty cold, but I can tell that the adrenaline will warm us up in no time. It’s still a starry night.

Now the fun begins, the plans are made and everyone are about ready! Over the fence, check the cans before crossing the rails. A train comes by while we are squatting down in between the trees. Then we hurry over the rails, past a building and through some bushes. In front, we find an old thing, one of the oldest regional trains, no longer in use.
The washboard.

Line up, fill in, create a background, add a little finesse and then an outline. Done!

Time flies by, but I still manage to enjoy it before we are on our way out through the bushes again. I managed to enjoy the adrenaline, pumping through my system, enjoy the sound of spray paint in otherwise quiet surroundings, managed to enjoy the totally orange light from the lamps, coming down on a group of painters doing their thing.

Successful mission, nice mood and good pictures. Everything’s nice.