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Luca Stereo is busy. He recently published his first single, Fall Asleep, and has been called “the sound of 2019” by P3. We bought him a slice and had a talk about making music writing as a person, you can never quite become. Welcome to Luca Stereo. 

If I have to describe Luca Stereo as a character, he exists in a world which is inspired by the underground I myself come from and live in. This world is highly coloured, almost like a Disney Universe; Disney is probably one of the biggest sources of inspiration that I’ve got.
It, without a doubt, stems from missing childhood, and the hard part about putting it behind you. I am awful at trying not to miss. 

Another side of the projekt, is centered around the money fixated society; a mix of an enormous amount of hate for et, a desire to rebel against it – while, at the same time, wanting to be a part of it. Because of course you want money. This doesn’t mean that Luca Stereo is critical of the system, but he is subjugated by the society we live in. I make no rules for my music, I just write about what is relevant and cool to write about.

The coolest thing about making music, is the feeling you get when you manage to make exactly the sound you imagined in your head. I largely aim for the bounce in the music, ‘cause when you hit that, it feels insane. There’s also a giant universe around texts and opportunities in working with them. 

Fundamentally, I actually don’t know what it is about music that appeals to me; it’s just my medium. I’ve always worked with music, that’s just what I do. 

During the years I’ve made music, it has been with several different pseudonyms, but the character Luca Stereo kept recurring – so it’s so nice to be able to incur this character and work with his world, ‘cause he’s fucking cool. He is basically everything I want to be, and therefore, this project is embossed with pride about having him in Emil’s head, mixed with the jealousy of not being him, because i’m not – and I won’t be. I’ll always just be Emil (he says while laughing)

For the first three years, Luca Stereo only consisted of me. I made some music, with my friend Jeppe Engelbrecht, on the side of the Luca-project; and one day he sent me something he had been fiddling around with, which we then continued working on when we met later on – and it ended up being the foundation for the first official single, “Fall Asleep”, which has just been published. 

So, it has been a track in almost a year and a half, and therefore it’s so nice to get it out there and it’s fun to watch people’s reactions to it. 

The text for ‘Fall Asleep’ is very explicit and should actually be understood in a different way than you would first assume. The song is written as a personification of the comfort that Luca Stereo dreams of, and it’s about what he would do to the comfort, if it was a real person. 

But Fall Asleep has taken up a lot of space, so it’s nice to be able to focus on something else; especially because it, in the last 6 months, has been a bit out of my hands, since it primarily has been work on the video, with a team of super talented filmmakers. But it has been a fun production, which has taught me a lot. 

Now I’m totally ready to create more, both singles, albums and concerts – so good things are to come!