You are currently viewing THE HIPHOPCULTURE IS ALIVE AND KICKING IN 6000!

On February 23, a hiphop party was being held in 6000, at “Råværket”. The night had been arranged by Kenneth Lund Andersen, who also goes by the name Butcher Kenneth, and as a part of group “Møj Bøjet Crew”.
The line up of the evening consisted of a mix of their homies and collaborative partners, who all have some clear-cut things to say.

When i arrived at “Råværket”, I was met with beautiful and atmospheric lights from the bar- and lounge area; marinated in delicious old school 90’s beats, to set the mood before the concert of the evening.

The house had been open during the day, where people had been invited to hang and to draw graffiti before the koncert, and in the evening, people were still painting on the big walls of the hall.

Young ones and elders leaned back in the sofas of the seductive lounge area, while casually swaying back and forth from the bar to get fresh supplies before the koncert kicked off.

It’s obvious, that the night’s festivities managed to lure a variety of people who had all come to enjoy an authentic night in the sign of hiphop and to support the local music scene. 

I had given the tracks that Kenneth had prepared for the event a listen, just to warm up my ears, and it was with nostalgia that I was thrown back to the millennial change where the Danish underground brewed up some of the most influential wordsmiths.

The culture is embossed by a lot of collaborations in all directions, and in all reality, it’s like keeping track of a sack full of fleas, but maybe that was exactly what makes our rap scene so unique and alive. 

The koncert was kicked off by the rapper Chen from Holstebro, who also goes under the name of “Abekongen” (The Monkey King, ed.) and right from the start, the audience was with him. Chock-full of fresh rimes from his newest album “Abekrom”, he made the room glow. 

Chen passed the baton to Z-E-B, who took it with rock solid beats. In recent years, he has published track after track, which has slowly established him as a serious player on stage. There was plenty to choose from and it was obvious that he is confident in his material. An elaborate lesson in what is means to have hip hop in your blood. 

The local guys from MBC were on home turf when they took over the stage. Determined to give it their all, the crew pushed the mood further up under the roof and the audience were crazy about seeing their local street heroes calling the shots. 

Most recently, in October, they performed on the same stage and also last summer at Kolding Get Down. Talk is still going around regarding their release party at Pitstop, which ended up being a legendary night. 

Lateb and Oblivious had come all the way from the U.S. to end the show, and they were more than ready. With a sound which was more raw and cool, they were an alternative addition to the evening’s line up, which in style succeeded in wrapping up the koncert.

The guests of the evening, both musicians and other folks, continued enjoying each others company until late at night.
In the small hours of morning, i cycled towards my bed, well insured that there still exists a live rap culture in Denmark, and that it is thriving right here in Slicetown.