Empty Your Wardrobe community consists of 70 local and international members from the age of 15 to 35, with a majority of students from academies and universities in Kolding. One of the most important things for EYW is to be the place where members could realize their talents, explore curiosity and grow. In part one we got to know you with Monika and Szandra, and today please meet Iben Østergaard Fog – a designer, a researcher, a social activist. 

The Swap Spot Q&A

Girl is standing with a box of vegetables. The girl is Iben, who has been a big part of Empty your wardrobe


Iben Østergaard Fog

Iben Østergaard Fog

You are from and current location

I am from Denmark and have been living in Fyn, London and Copenhagen before moving to Kolding to study my master at SDU in IT and Product Design. 

What do you do?

I am soon to graduate my master and is otherwise using most of my time on Food:RE:Formers. I am passionate about addressing the food waste problem, sustainability, community building, equality and creating and supporting other sustainable activities. 

To your understanding, Swap Spot is?

Swap Spot is for me a sustainable, dynamic wardrobe, where I can find new secondhand gems for my wardrobe and avoid contributing to fast fashion. The variety and quality are great, and I always find something special. I always liked to have fun with creating outfits and adding special secondhand items as well as re-discover my old clothes, so the concept is perfect for me. The Swap Spot makes it more accessible to avoid buying new clothes. It also has a cosy atmosphere and you often meet people you know.

Latest gem found at the Swap Spot

A green long-sleeved dress that I love. It can be styled with different accessories and create a new look for the occasion. Some of my other favourite gems is a green jacket, a flowery summer dress, a black see-through blouse, a long white t-shirt dress and of course my “The Future is Female” t-shirt I got last year from Svetlana.

A person standing in front of a building Empty your wardrobe


The green long sleaved dress with a matching bag and hat, that I have had for almost 10 years now

A child walking down the street Empty your wardrobe


The amazing flower dress, that was perfect for the warm summer days

A person standing in front of a store Empty your wardrobe

A couple of people that are standing in the grass Empty your wardrobe

Picture 3 and 4; Two autumn jackets from Swap Spot

A group of people that are standing in the grass Empty your wardrobe


Together with my Swap queen Svetlana and wearing the long white t-shirt dress. The dress can also be styled with a long-sleeved blouse so it can be used during the wintertime

A person holding a dog posing for the camera Empty your wardrobe

One of my most used items, a black see-through blouse. Together with Beo. 

A person sitting on the floor Empty your wardrobe


Here, I styled the see-through blouse with a long t-shirt to create a different look.

A person standing in a room Empty your wardrobe


The see-though blouse with a pair of pants from Swap Sport.

A group of people standing in a room Empty your wardrobe


Picture 9: AT the Swap Spot opening together with Svetlana and Roberta.

How and Why are you involved in the community?

Right now, I am primarily helping with the promotion of the clothes from the Swap Spot and when we had the opening. I think many people still have the perception that you cannot be a fashionable and only swap or buy secondhand clothes. In Swap Spot, there are plenty of unique pieces of clothes that can make your style interesting and stylish. I think it is a great concept that I will support as much as possible and I hope a lot of people will use and be inspired by Swap Spot instead of buying new clothes. 

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