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Catchy good vibe summer radio music. Those were the first words my brain would associate  listening to Cindy Chiche´s first released song “Lose control”. The 23 year old french-danish artist recently moved from Billund to Kolding and will publish her first song on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Tidal on Friday, the 12.02.2021.  

“Lose control” is the first single you will publish as a solo artist. What is the song about and why is it this track?

Cindy: Mainly because it’s a song that is not about love, what I normally write about (haha). I think many people tend to be in control all the time. And sometimes you should just let go, let loose. This is the feeling I want to transfer with the song and I hope many people can relate to it.

Can you walk me through the process of creating the song?

Cindy: I started out with the lyrics and had this imagine of me sitting behind a steering wheel, which I started drawing. Afterwards I had this bass line idea in my head. I finished the song with the producer, Malthe Guldberg in his studio in Copenhagen. I got to know him at Engelsholmhøjskole during a songwriting course.

The song is mainly in English, but has a passage in French. Why did you decide to mix those two languages?

Cindy: I think i decided to make it a bit of a mystery, so you can’t understand everything. Sometimes I make the conclusion area of a song in French, so the listeners have to really research what I am singing about. I think it’s a nice twist within the song. In this way, there is also more space for interpretation.

Do you also sing in Danish?

Cindy: I need to admit, singing in Danish doesn’t come naturally to me. Maybe because it’s mostly my second language, as i grew up in France and learned French first.

But surely you have a favorite Danish artist, or? 

Cindy: There is one songwriter called “PIL”, I love how she writes in Danish. Her songs are in the end mostly about love (haha). She just released a song with the singer “Andreas Odbjerg” with the name ”Omvendt”. I really like their song! I also enjoy listening to the Danish pop artists “Bathsheba” and “Mags”.

Besides your producer, do you have a specific mentor that accompanies you during your music journey?

Cindy: I don’t really have one specific. But I talk to many people about how to do things. I am a curious and open person that speaks a lot so i am glad i know people that already released music. I also decided to get in contact with a PR Agency called “Magnifique”, to support me in setting up the distribution of the release.

You are a teacher for piano, singing and the guitar. When did you know that you want to continue with the music lifestyle and release your own songs?

Cindy: I have always been writing songs, maybe since I was around 12 years old. It just helped me to express my feelings. I also started to play the piano and guitar around that time, so music has been a big part of my life for a long time. I went to travel through Central America and Mexico for three months in 2018. Looking back, I think a big part of that was to see if I can live without music. But it was impossible, I realized it’s not going to work (haha).

I think in your life you will sometimes have those moments in which you check, where you want to go. And during that time I realized that music is what I want to go for. I really enjoyed the live music in Central America and thought so many times that I should have brought a Ukulele or something to play as well.

Now being pretty compromised with live music, how is your experience with online concerts during the lockdown time? Did you perform in one and do you listen to them? 

Cindy: I wanted to make a release concert for the first single, but now it’s postponed to the 26. of March. Personally I enjoy online concerts. I mean, you have to do something. I played an online concert, and it was the first time that the part of my family in France could actually see me playing in a live music event (haha). Before they never got the opportunity to visit me here. 

Looking into the future, what are your next steps as an artist after “Lose control”?

Cindy: Especially during the first lockdown, I had lots of time to write and create music. I already produced three more songs, they just need to be mixed and mastered! So there will be one single more and then the EP will be released!

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