Bygning 5 exhibits at Nicolai!

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March kicked off with the vernissage of Building 5’s own artworks in the beautiful showrooms over at the neighbour’s, Nicolai Culture.

It seems obvious to say that the exhibition is primitive.

You’re not exactly sure what you’re looking at. There is an alarm light in the corner, and on the floor, casually but still controlled, lies a pile of what looks to be garden hoses and led-lights, created by two of the leading forces from Building 5. Even though the rooms are big and spacious, the pieces invite the observer to get up close to them, since it’s primarily pictures that are being displayed.

In the third room of the exhibition, I meet the artist Eldar Zeko. He’s actually on his way out of the door, but he still manages to tie a brief comment to the pieces on display; they all contain a deeper meaning than what the observer would ascribe to them at first.

For example, about his picture ‘The Cunning Intelligence’, which portrays a cross-breed of a raven and a man, he says: “He (the raven, ed.) is well-dressed and well-known – you recognize the person; it could, perhaps, be a politician. A person whom you grant you trust to. The raven symbolizes intelligence, but also cunning, because the raven steals whatever he can get his hands on. He is tempted by shiny, material things.”

The background of the picture is dark blue, to symbolize an ambiguity in the mix of trustworthiness and deceit. With this, and the rest of his artworks, Zeko asks a question, critical of society: Which people are actually in control of our world. 

In the exhibition, you’ll also find pieces from Print_Club, a project created by New Danish Wave, as well as photographs by Peberman (with the conventional name Thomas), who is also’s favorite photographer in the world kiss kiss. Here at the exhibition there are mostly pictures of and from Building 5’s events; among other things you’ll see a kickflipping Kasper Gomes, spray painting kids and; cords. And actually, the discreet image of a bunch of cords, is what Thomas likes best because “it’s not as personal. Or maybe”, he adds after some consideration, “the one with the apple, because it’s so weird.”

Here he is referring to a promo-shoot with the band Animaux Anime, whose music is playing in all of the gallery, as a part of the exhibition. 

All in all, it might not be the most extravagant exhibition; but it’s definitely worth checking out, because it gives a quick glimpse at some of the insanely talented artists running around everywhere in Kolding. Besides, the exhibition is free, so what do you have to lose?