Soundscapes that the listeners can escape to

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Photographer: Thomas Peberman Sørensen

In a regular Danish winter attire, the duo based in Copenhagen don’t seem any different. Alpas Ave. Who started in Kolding, have a distinct sound that they’ve shared with Slicetown on the road to their debut release.

How would you describe your sound and what are your influences? I could draw some parallels, but it seemed a bit challenging for me to pin it down to one particular artist, or one particular record that I have heard before.

Martin: Well, we didn’t really have any direct influences for this song. It just came from an emotional abstract feeling, just trying to discover ourselves.

Marianne: Yes, it’s funny that we say that we don’t have any influences – it sounds almost pretentious. But we were inspired by a lot of stuff, so we just created from that, it’s different aspects of those things, but our main influence was our own emotions and not a specific artist or sound.

So tell us more about Alpas Ave’s debut single, Black Mirror.

Martin: It’s about a distorted state of being, like being caught in a distorted gaze…

Marianne: Yes, like being led astray by the light – in a life that might lead to nowhere. But you’re guided by some unfounded and deceptive hope in the dark. You feel so much that you don’t feel at all, sort of like an unhealthy fixation.

What was the process of putting all this together like? Do you prefer to work with people you know and get along with, or whoever that can fulfill your creative ambitions?

Martin: Definitely working with our friends and people we know. We were lucky to work with a friend in Haderslev who has a creative firm. We shot the music video in Copenhagen at the historic building Børsen, which fit the theme of this track well. It was really cool that we got the opportunity to borrow that kind of location. It’s not very accessible usually.

Marianne: Yeah, my friend Alexander from my high school works at Børsen. We were lucky to get a whole day to do our work with tons of gear, lighting, camera rigs and all. My cousin Søren and our mutual friend, Jeppe, assisted with the creative aspect and the practicalities, which made the visual work great.

Martin: Yes indeed. It was a good mix-up of people with different skills to deal with both the abstract bit of it, and the practical stuff. It was great.

In a world surrounded by turmoil, Alpas Ave bring soundscapes that the listeners can escape to and face similarly abstract challenges, while pushing the boundaries of their emotional spectrum – and derive their own meaning from the sound.

Catch a glimpse of their debut Single, Black Mirror right now.

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