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What we do

Slicetown is a news- and media platform originating from Kolding. We create content which combines all the positive parts of a modern Danish provincial town with unpolished contents you’ll only find in the city’s subcultures. 

Experience Slicetown

Our base is Kolding which, despite of its size, sparkles with life and inspiration, but also with depth, nostalgia and space to think big and new. The style is willed with contrasts and concentrates on everything that happens in the collision – we love to overstate things – and we love local content and sustainability. 

In March 2019 a new chapter of Slicetown’s history starts! The platform has become open to more teammates, we have started a platform which embraces both local news, thrilling video content and a webshop 2.0 where you’ll find all the best designs that Slicetown can offer. Straight from designer to you!

At SliceTown’s, you are able to quench your thirst for attractive designs and exciting, high quality products. Of course, we think about the environment, the chickens and our best friends when we produce and design our products. We can actually guarantee that your mojo will rise by at least 42%. 

Have a slice. 

Have a nice day in your town. 

See you out there.

Our Team

Thomas Sørensen / Editor


Sanne Dewas / Editor


Marie Qvist / Writer


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